We really have moved on?

Some things change while others remain a testament to worst times.

Reading history of the subcontinent a horrifical event appears to be the time the British colonizers gave the enslaved localĀ  soldiers ( fighting the gora war) religiously incorrect bullets to chew.

We all have read it so I figure no need to go over it again.

I kind of relived that moment when recently I saw 2 things. 1 a Tshirt in Metro Cash and carry that had Hebrew written on it. Using google translator it turns out that to be “Israeli Police” then the choice of “charm” anklet at limelight that has the cross, the crescent etc. By definition an anklet is worn on the feet. I hear from local minority


groups that they are not pleased. Something similar to the gora wars — no?


What do you think?


Have we lost sensitivity ? Do we not care anymore? Or is it something else?


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