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Hi All,

Excited to share with you that HR diaries has ventured in to the interesting and evolving world of gamming apps !

The games are simple, relaxing and well do include a few that you will find it hard to even finish one level 🙂

It’s an interesting mix. Do visit our page on Play store and download the games.

follow the link to install the games:

  1. Monster Cute Matching
    1. match the same monsters. Arcade and classic modes.
  2. Escape Crazy Ball
    1. Run as fast as you can. Jump or double jump to avoid obstacles and out run the CRAZY Ball !
  3. Great Fish Slice
    1. Slice and Dice Fish, Lobsters, wood, donuts and what not ! Just Enjoy !
  4. Classic Goal Hit
    1. Select your player and aim thru the barrier at just the right time to kick a goal.
    2. Just tap the screen when you want to kick!



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