Forced Resignaiton

What is this? Forced resignation and Forced termination are generally used interchangeably. This is a situation where such circumstances are created by the company that the resource has no other choice but to resign.

There are also such instances where an employee may have acted in contravention of the employment contract and the company wishes to allow them the option to resign instead of terminating his/her services.

Overall I would say that if you are not wanted somewhere … why would you still want to be there?

Having said that, we should also look at the situation where a company either directly or due to inaction creates an environment where one cannot work and is forced to resign. One may be able to file a claim with the relevant labor authorities provided they are able to prove the creation of circumstances or evidence of actions.

I do believe that companies need to address issues within the organization. There are somethings that may not be possible in a particular field. For instance expecting a banker to be on time at home during closings 🙂


Any thoughts?



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