Sexual Harassment at work

A video from Faysal Bank bas gone viral recently which shows a male employee of the bank groping a female colleague. Well the video went viral with a ton of influencers tagging relevant authorities to take action.

This resulted in the culprit being arrested sometime today.

While following this online I came across a multitude of comments from people like:

“Why isn’t the girl reacting?”

“Why didn’t she say anything?”

“Girl must be involved”

“We don’t know the whole story so we should remain quiet”

… and so no.

There was a common theme revolving around “victim blaming”.

Uploaded a new video talking about this today on my youtube channel


Do visit , hear me out and I look forward to your opinions and suggestions on how we can improve the working conditions for women in Pakistan. Also, lets not underplay this by thinking that this is a one of instance etc. Please.





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