Why would you hire a fresh graduate?

While I am sure you can think of more than a few reasons why, I would like to take a go at this.

A fresh graduate is enthusiastic, motivated, eager, up to date in current trends and knowledge. So its easier to mold them to specific requirements of any company or profession.

A better question may be to ask why would you NOT hire a fresh graduate?

I asked some HR professionals and I’ll share the most common answer which reflected the absence of the above mentioned traits in fresh graduates that they rejected.

For instance they said the first five years of their careers these grads jump ship for the slightest reason (No loyalty).

Some others said that fresh grads are too “cocky” and insubordinate. ( challenge authority).

While some also remarked that the current fresh grads are more engaged online than at work. (Attention deficiency).


What’s my take on this?

Times have changed buddies. Gone are the times of our fathers and grand fathers. My grand father worked for the government and retired from the same place. My father was a banker for most of his life and then left to peruse his actual passion of business which he has only recently retired from.

Me, I have switched 5 or more jobs already since I started working during my studies.

Going along this path there has been research that quotes that the current generation may switch as many as 14 jobs within 20 years of their career. While this may appear selfish, it is not. This is a simple need for the current fresh grads to do a job that feels worthwhile to them.

However honestly the job hopping is not concerning for me.

What concerns me is the slow pace at which most companies are responding to this changing environment and demographic. 

Companies need to engage these graduates giving them a reason to STAY!

As a recruiter I will always be on a lookout for a talented resource at another company thinking of switching … however I need to plan on how to retain him/ her with me too.

We are missing a great opportunity with the fresh grads by not engaging them enough.


Would love to hear your thoughts on this.


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