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At the end of the day … Who can you trust? Professionally, I trust my team. I hope that they trust me too, it would be amusing to find myself being a necessary nuisance that needs to be tolerated. One instrumental and default challenge with Trust is that it can easily be broken. I feel that I try very hard not to let the trust break either way. However the reality is that no matter how hard I try somewhere along the line I will end up breaking someones trust and the same is true in the alternative direction. I really am at a loss to find something like 10 easy steps to regaining someones trust or 6 steps to trusting and not loosing it. All in all its a risk.

Generally I tend to be vigilant and try my best to be observant. However I have to accept that there are things which are beyond my control and the best I can do in such cases is to learn from my behavior and reaction. We continuously learn and I feel it should be synonymous to breathing. It really is that essential. Would appreciate your views on the matter.

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