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While I am still getting used to the concept of cloud computing I have been introduced to a new collaborative approach to learning. I would like to call it The Crowd Cloud – Since it is easier for me to understand.

Consider this, as a user of cloud computing / storage, I am able to share any document or information with multiple people via a central storage location. It is safe, mobile, convenient and doest not require my presence to be available. I can share with everyone or I can select who I share with. All good things.

Cloud Computing

Now we come to the natural evolution of cloud computing and in some ways reap benifits of the Wisdom of the crowd. I read an interesting article recently that very brilliantly describes the concept and evolution and I would recommend you read it.

Its collaborative, democratic, a social learning tool all in one. As the story goes with the proverbial saying “Too many cooks spoil the soup”, initially that may have been very true in this case. However this concept has caught up with the masses and measures have been taken to ensure the accuracy of the informaiton shared by the masses. One such step has been subject matter experts joining in on these online communities and moderating the informaiton shared.

This is the future of learning and perhaps even how future generations will remember us.

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