Thinking of moving to HR?

Are you interested in working in human resources but fear you lack the experience? 

Many job seekers in this field are concerned about making this type of move. My advice would be not be afraid to apply and give it your best shot. There is definitely room for growth in this profession and we are always looking for individuals with the natural competence to excel. HR is not about a degree (MS/MBA/BBA) in HR. Theoretical knowledge of HR can be gained from any source. It is the application that we learn on the way. And mostly it is the attitude that helps us achieve professional excellence. With only a degree and no aptitude for the relevant profession…any field would look bleak.

While technical skills can be learnt , such skills as good judgement and attitude are crucial for being a good professional.

HR Essential Skills

When I consider hiring an HR Executive, I am not looking for a person with knowledge of C&B or the Law…I am always more than happy to teach them everything I know if they are willing to learn. What I look for in them are:

  1. Hardworking
  2. Customer Service Ethics
  3. Reliability
  4. Good judgement calls
  5. Discretion
  6. Diplomacy
  7. People person ( Relationship management)
  8. Excellent listening skills
  9. Good communication skills
  10. Adaptability and flexibility

HR is the custodian of secrets…so to speak and as such before anything else, the right candidate for a HR position must be trustworthy and absolutely discrete. HR tends to have most information prior to anyone else finding out.
Adaptability and understanding of the political setup of the organization is an important part as HR must be aware, however must not unnecessary involve itself in the politics.

HR Certification

While certification is not necessary, it is available through various institutes in Pakistan. I myself am certified from PIQC , and I teach there as well now. The certification covers several areas, including:

— Management practices.
— General employment practices.
— Recruitment and Selection.(R&S)
— Human resources development.
— Compensation and benefits. (C&B)
— Employee and labor relations.
— Health, safety and security.

Why get certified when you can learn all you need to know on the job? For many, taking a certification test is a personal decision. I did it to understand the Pakistani market, since all modules were facilitated by different industry veterans and thus the diversified exposure and a chance to network.

So, the final word is, do try if you feel you have the intangible skill-set to succeed in HR.

Good Luck.

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