Interview “Do Not’s”

Here are a few don’ts to remember when in an interview or going to one:
Arrive Late
Allow enough time for any unforeseen circumstances
Make frequent use of active verbs, such as, achieved, set up, managed, responsible for, led
Be specific instead of appearing to be flaunting openly.
Use bullet points in conversation
Be descriptive and conversational while describing your achievements
Mumble or talk too fast or too softly
You must speak clearly!
Fidget and fiddle with items on the desk
Handle a pen of your own or yet better try to control your hand movement
Play with your hair and clothes
Wait until the interview is over to do that
Use slang words, make silly jokes, or chew gum
Instead try thinking “would I take someone like this serious?”
Lean on the interviewer’s desk or glance at your watch
It gives the impression that you are not serious
Hide any aspect of your previous record, overstate qualifications, brag, or become angry
This would be simply “wrong”. Never lie in an interview…it will come back to haunt you.
Mention any negative aspect of your current employer, classes, or university
It will reflect of you as a person
Show ignorance about the company
This means that you should have done research on the company before you go in to the interview and then allow your research to come through in conversation
Bring up the topic of salary.
It will be discussed when the time is right. Don’t worry it will come up if they are interested.
Come across as being passive or indifferent
Be positive and enthusiastic
Be overbearing, or conceited.
Be friendly and open, but do not flirt!
Answer questions with another question
That’s just rude.
Use negative body language, or convey inappropriate aspects of your character.
That’s like handing over a reason for the interviewer to reject you.
Appear half-asleep
go to bed early the night before the interview and sleep soundly knowing that you are fully prepared for the day ahead

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