Life is too short…

Life is too short to spend in depression over anything. We get to live only once and if I have learnt anything in this life… it is that the good or bad times do not last forever.

Life is a sine curve. The good follows the bad and vice versa. Of course unlike the sin curve, life does not follow a formula of predictability. This is where such values as perseverance, patience, belief, trust and adaptability come in.

I have had my share of blunders in life. Well honestly using the word “blunder” is an understatement. Imagine being stuck in -35 temperatures in the suburbs of Ontario in a jeep that’s stuck in 3 feet of snow. Now extend your imagination – not only is the jeep stuck you yourself are stuck up to chest level in snow trying to figure out a way to get the jeep out  That was me and my 2 dorm mates from York.
Anyhow, let’s not get carried away with little tidbits of life. The real concern is that one needs to find the little shred of motivation to keep oneself going when the depression sets in. When life is full of joy and beauty seems to be in everything – there is nothing to worry about. However when things take a turn towards the bad and then the worse, we always feel like this is the end. Only to give up right before things start to get better.
My advice to anyone and everyone who reads this blog is that “PLEASE, treat this life as a gift. Cherish it and never lose hope. Neither should you get overwhelmed when joy shines on you.”
“You will be surprised what you can live thru”

Spend a few minutes to look at this picture. Thats all I ask.

2 thoughts on “Life is too short…”

  1. Usman says:

    A very nice and thought provoking article.
    Please correct 1st line, 2nd para, "Life is a sin curve.", I assume that its Sine not sin 🙂

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