Money is not everything… but it is a catalyst for happiness.

I know, it seems very shallow to say that Money is all I need. But I have my reasons.

It appears that money at least money that is for ones optimal existence and a little bit of the bare ‘niceities’ is essential. Do keep in mind I never said necessities 
I feel that money keeps relationships healthy and nice. Not to say that it will do a 360 degree on a ruined relation or an already bad relationship. No. It will thou help very much in maintaining an already healthy relationship. For instance, parents love their children. Now the child is all grown up and it’s time for him / her to give back to the family.
Lets presume that the salary is low, which in most cases for fresh workers it is. Lets also presume that the circumstances for the father / mother have changed and the cash flow in the home is not what it used to be… This is where there is going to be tension. Arguments over non-issues. Multiple sarcastic comments.
The real underlying issue is the scarcity of money. Had the money been there, the bond would have grown stronger.
I realize that a true test of a relation or strength of a relation is adversity. But hear me out. I have seen many parents who are not very affording and they take their kids out to McDonalds or KFC and they watch while their child / children eats the famous happy meal etc. They provide for their children while they sacrifice their own desire.
But then the child grown up and now, instead of paying the home electricity bill, he / she prefers to pay for a new car they just got on installment from the back because all their friends just did that?? Where’s the justice here? Would these children then sacrifice for their children? Yes. But for their parents? Maybe.
Lets look at a married couple. Friends of mine. I cannot name them for obvious reasons 
Very much in love. Very happy. Strong bond. There you go their relationship has been described. Now the guy had some trouble at his job. Some unethical practices that he wanted to avoid and the only way out was to quit and seek another job where he can work honestly. Initially the wife supported him as she saw him loosing motivation and energy on a daily basis..she loves him… so she encouraged him to quit and seek something more fulfilling.
Then…as the unemployed days became weeks and weeks turned in to months… the relationship got sour. Arguments over who to visit and why because of the price of gas. Home cooked meals vs ordering out or dining out.
Both had their valid sides. She had let go of the maid to cut expenses and would work all day handling the babies and cleaning the house, doing laundry, ironing, etc and ultimately would want not to cook once in a while and this is where the husband…who being frustrated by the rejections or silence from prospective employers and the diminishing funds in the bank who retort that she cook … let me give you a sample ‘conversation’
Wife: I am too tired to cook.
Husband: So am I. I don’t want to cook!
Wife: I never said that you should cook.
Husband: What do you want me to do then?
Wife: Lets order out. Let’s get something affordable from the bazaar?
Husband: The least YOU would find edible will cost us a couple of hundred rupees! Money does not grow on trees. You have no idea what its like to be without a job and with no money! All you do is talk about wasting money!
Wife: Don’t you dare start on that again! I am working my A** off every day after firing the maid. I clean the toilets for god’s sake! All you do is go around in your Air conditioned car everyday while I sit here even rationalizing the use of the fan in more than one room! Then you come back with nothing but a droopy face and don’t want to talk to me because that stresses you out!
Husband: Everything you have here is because of me you ungrateful woman! I am the one working and earning ever since we got married. And now you see a little patch of trouble and you hate me and everything about me. You have to do a little work at home and you are going crazy!
Wife: Don’t you call this work ‘little’. Why don’t you stay at home and help me? I am educated too, I can find a job. I am sure I can make more money than you!
Husband: Oh! So now you want to tell me you are better than me!
Wife: Whatever… My mom gifted us baby’s diapers this month… I cannot even look my parents in the face anymore because of you! You should have been a man and taken bribe at work …. At least we wouldn’t have to live a life of beggars!
Husband: Hah… so the thousands I have been spending on you and the babies is now cleaned by the pennies your mother gave us in pampers!!!!
Wife: so its YOU and us NOW! You are one and me and the babies the other party! What the He**. Why did I marry you! I should have married my cousin in the interior ministry and lived a stable life instead of sweating all day and listen to you tell me how ‘little’ I do!
Husband: If you want a divorce say so!!!

So…. Does she actually hate him no?
No my dear readers. No.

She still loves him.

Unfortunately the scarcity of supply vs the ever increasing demands put a toll on all of us. Both of them are angry at external factors and are venting internally.
Why… Money.

Money is not everything… but it is a catalyst for happiness.

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