The Divorce Degree

There’s a reason the MBA has earned a reputation as “the divorce degree.”
Business school students are typically older than other professional degree-seekers (27, on average), and a higher percentage (about one-third) are married or engaged to be married. Some have children. That means applying to a Business school, and then, to jobs, can be an emotional roller coaster for two. Combined with the financial strain of going from two paychecks to one (or none), the round-the-clock nature of a full-time MBA program—from morning classes to late-night pub crawls—can put serious stress on relationships.
I have been thru this and I can attest it takes alot of commitment and supplications to bonus bolts of energy to go play with my baby girl ( 3 months then) when I would get home from a full time job and a full day at night school.
My wife has been very supportive, thou we were both pursuing our Masters degree at the same time, she finished hers first and started to handle the home.
We have had our fair share of arguments and fights. “You have no time for me” was her motto while mine I believe was “You were saving this task for the time I come home!”
Overall it was stressful and initially there was a period of turmoil. However, eventually things started to settle down and we compromised. I would try not to complain about being tired and she would try not to have tasks waiting for me when I got home.


For many thou, it is not this simple, unless the relationship is unidirectional. Now that is a different thing.

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