Why should anyone read my blog

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So, why should anyone on the WWW read my blog?

They should not. I strongly take a stand on this. No one should be allowed to read my blog. I dont read what I have written, and no one else should be put thru this agony either 😉

Ok, I dont mean that 100% … people should have the free will to read what ever they wish to read.

Well, its not my words that are going to make someone free, liberal or unrestricted…that has already been done by other far more competent and thought provoking than I am at the moment. I dont claim to be smarter either.

My own words alone should not be my judge. Read what you like, write what you like. Feel the freedom. My keyboard is creating a lot of issues. Almost like the little red ant buggers 🙂

Now to some serious stuff. The internet is a open source of information. Anyone can literally put up (upload) anything. There have been steps by Whatsapp or Facebook to counter fake news which is something more social media giants should do. Even google is partaking in this share of social responsibility.

However often we are exposed to such credible looking sites that offer “secret” information about things which I would assume we too are interested to know so there you go … misadventure

So that is something I can attest to. I will always keep my blog posts factual ( or as much as possible ) and I shall try also to share pertinent infirmaiton with anyone who requests it.


So till later I leave you with this picture from #Lahore 🙂

Lahore Fort

Lahore Fort



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