Energy Crises in Pakistan

Hmm, I am going to limit myself to my city – Lahore. Personal experience 🙂

There is no light, no fan, no tv, hmm… almost like being in the stone age at times. There will be a day very soon— that I dread — when I will be telling my kids of the special “button” that we used to press and magically there would be light…and I can hear my kid asking…”papa..whats this weird word “Light”??.

Funny, how the kids being born nowadays are immune to the load shedding. Just a couple of years ago, one could hear kids wailing in their homes the moment the electricity went off. But now, they are so acclimatized to it that little kids don’t even bother anymore.

So, how long are we going to sit and keep looking for alternatives?

See, first there were UPS’s – but then no light means no charge which translates to no backup.
Then there is the CNG generators – Government has now legislated a commercialization policy on that…fines, registrations … inspection by a new set of teams.

And we already have the sky rocketing Petrol and diesel prices…

So tell me, besides going clinically insane…or leaving the country for a “better” option…. what other choices does one have?

Tell me… I am waiting….

BTW, almost forgot Solar power… do you know its against the law to produce your own electricity…one needs to use Wapda …even if its not giving you any power supply, and then too, pay the same amount of bill that you would for a whole month even if you got electricity for only 15% of the month 🙂

Very funny. Maybe its better if our fellow Pakistanis laugh from the US,UK or even Australia… but what about the ones in Pakistan?


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