Branded for life…

Status symbols… Really? consider this: Most branded manufacturers in Pakistan are importing all parts from Taiwan and China and simply assembling them in Pakistan, and calling it Made in Pakistan. They keep up the sales targets because they have a brand in the market by now.

So, next time you go to buy a Sohrab or a Hero motorcycle, please do your research.

Also, it brings me to another point, are we really blinded by brands? Or is it the after sales service that attracts us to these brands?

Deep inside me, I feel that many people like myself do it for the after sales service that most of the brands provide.

So, I know a rather hasty conclusion..however, its late and I want to sleep…so I (sleepy) conclude that it has everything to do with the the brand is the guarentee of post-sales customer service.

QED at a later stage.

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