No Jobs OR Not Looking to hire?

If you are a fresh graduate reading this…you are probably here because you are free, and looking / searching online for jobs or any keywords that have job or career in them.

I have news for you – there are jobs out there! Yes, really there are.

The only catch is that there are also thousands of other fresh graduates for the same limited jobs. And if that were not enough to complicate the odds against you, there is a high multitude of out of work , experienced candidates who are looking to find any job. And if you are a smart person, you should have guessed by now, why you are still unemployed.

Logic dictates that if I as an interviewer have 2 candidates, one with ZERO experience and another with 1 or 2 or more years of experience… It’s not hard to decide who I would hire.

That is the current job market in Pakistan in a nutshell.

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